MLData can assist your organisation’s IT Project implementation of any size, to deliver the best solutions on budget and on time.

Project Department.

Project Management

Our accelerated project implementation methodology divides the implementation  projects into phases, it starts when the customer signs the project contract.

Project preparation – to provide initial planning and preparation for the solution implementation. The formation of the project objectives, scope and priorities.

Business Blueprint – One or more workshops for gathering your requirements are conducted during which business processes and individual functional requirements are conducted, individual functional requirements are identified and analysed.

Project Realisation – The goal is to implement all the business technical requirements gathered during the previous phases and documented in the project blueprint.

Finalisation – Preparing both the solution and customer for go-live.

Organisational Change Management

Employees are the cornerstone for any successful change management process. Their attitudes and perceptions can make of break any change initiative in any business. MLData’s change management is a structured approach to helping individual and teams adopt new methods and embrace the different ideas and values in the workplace. We focus on the following topics:

  1. Creating climate for change
  2. Creating a sense of urgency
  3. Getting the vision right
  4. Communicate for buy-in
  5. Creating short and long term wins

Data Management

Data is a critical component of any IT environment, our data specialist handle both physical and electronic data sources. SQL, DB2, oracle and other database types can be managed for the integration into the solutions implemented, this ensures seamless migration.

Business Process Modeling

Business process modeling, workflow charts. These include systems development, process redesign, quality management and continuous process improvement for all areas of your business.

Training Management

Skills development and transfer.

Technology Management

The management of all aspects of the technology, hardware compatibility, integration with existing systems and  network capacity.

Solution Management

Alignment of functional aspects of the deployed solution in relation to the organizational requirements and goals.

Quality Management

Quality management is an important aspect of every project. We make sure all the term of reference have been adequately addressed, the impact of the change management and skills tranfer as well as the effectiveness of the process management.

IT Project Stages

Project Initiation Stage

Solution Blueprint


Implementation Stage