MLData is a Level 3 BEE Contributor company that supports and promotes the South African Economic Development Strategy. We give our clients a cutting edge by innovatively establishing transformation business enterprise and customised business enterprise systems that are enablers to empower our clients to realise their potential in strategically integrating technology, business process and human resource to mete out value-bearing outcome in business process models while leveraging, optimising and enabling their Enterprise Management System (EMS).

The dawn of MLData is a business consequence of world best practices pressure exerted in the industry that enforces business enterprises to derive Value Chain, Business Process Modeling and Enterprise Management Systems. These models reinforce their pillars as business enablers that oblige business intelligence. In view of this, the new pioneers of software development and value chain, MLData, derived, as a strategic initiative, to introduce and divergently diversify Business Excellence Systems through integration of information technology with best practice methodologies.

MLData values and continuously strengthen relationship between our clients and our staff. This relationship is very crucial and aims to empower our client to unleash the power of information technology in delivering more value and optimizing resources utilized. This process involves continuously empowering and strengthening our clients and furthermore creating a penchant to diverge into an epoch of transformation and reengineering business environment.

Vison Statement: Our purpose is to fast-spin the wheel of technology by researching, discovering, developing, and implementing software applications that provide added value to our customers.

Vision Statement: To spin our wheel of success at an advanced and quality bearing pace we focuses our energies and endeavors on the following;

Philly Marokane

Managing Member - NDip Computer Systems Engineering

Mr Marokane if the founder and current manager of MLData, he has more than 13 years experience in the IT sector.